Side Projects


Our world global conditions are changing the climate nearly every minute, Shortwave has become a necissity in the home, office, and while traveling. I wanted to design something that would be effective and fun to the user. With the potential energy outlet you will be able to generate power using the same physics found in a spinning top kids use to play with in the past. The design of the potential energy outlet was made to convert energy from motion into usable electricity. The device consist of 4 main steps. You first begin with sticking the device on any surface with the power of the suction cup that will help hold the product in place. Then you will go onto pumping with the handles provided which was designed to fit the human hand. The handle will be connected to the gears, which will cause them to spin and create energy that will be transfered to the rechargable battery. Then enjoy the energy you have created. With products like this we will be able to save our natural resources and save our world from polution. The device will turn saving the world into fun and not an unpleasant but necessary task.